“He, who owns the information, owns the world”. W. Churchill

Keeping information security under the control is an existential problem for all kinds of businesses. Every company today depends on IT; your most critical asset – information – is registered, kept and processed within a complex interconnected IT environment.

Undoubtedly, the same applies to public and governmental institutions. 

With SecurityFLASHTM you as the owner of your business will obtain a valuable insight on the actual state of IT and information security in your company. 

Our desire is to provide a meaningful service, contribute to your business story and support you whether your aim is steady development or highly dynamic growth.


Posted 27.11.2013  

NATO Assistant Secretary General at BHC Laboratory

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Mr Patrick Auroy and BHC Laboratory CEO Andrus Kivisaar and Co-founder Lauri Almann met today at MEKTORY, a Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Centre at Tallinn University of Technology...

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