BHC Laboratory

We have firmly established ourselves in the growing cyber security market. We look proudly at our excellent track record with both sovereign and private clients and we give everything to justify the trust that customers have put in us.


Our team brings decades of experience in countering the most complex threats emanating from cyberspace. Even more important is the fact that we are all genuinely concerned about and dedicated to cyber security issues and the impact these have on modern society, and are therefore well placed to contribute positive solutions.


The experience of the members of the BHC Laboratory team embraces:

  • Successfully organizing the defense of public and private companies
  • Sophisticated penetration testing activites for large companies and sovereign clients
  • Establishing state-of-the-art and large-scale security architectures
  • Deploying of enterprise-wide security techniques for large-scale systems
  • Real-time emergency responses to cyber attacks against financial institutions and government asset
  • National and international cyber security exercies
  • Implementation of complex PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions
  • Establishing Computer Security Incident Response Teams
  • Malware analysis and artifact investigations.


Our approach to cyber security is systemic and threat based. While building and offering our solutions we have taken into account a full range of cyber threats. We believe that solutions do not work while created in response to stand-alone threats - we must always have a complete picture to fully understand the nature of cyber threats.



Posted 06.04.2014

Strategic Cyber Security Exercise in Portugal

From 3-4 April 2014 BHC Laboratory conducted two strategic decision-making exercises on cyber security for Portugese senior civil servats in cooperation with the Portugese National Defence Institute. The exercise was based on BHC Laboratory proprietary methodology and scenario. Main goal of the exercise was to raise the awareness of senior decision makers about modern cyber threats. Andrus Kivisaar, CEO of BHC Lab: "We were really excited to work with the Portugese National Defense Institute and extremely impressed with the dedication and motivation of the participants in the exercise." Read more on strategic exercises here.

Posted 27.11.2013  

NATO Assistant Secretary General at BHC Laboratory

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Mr Patrick Auroy and BHC Laboratory CEO Andrus Kivisaar and Co-founder Lauri Almann met today at MEKTORY, a Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Centre at Tallinn University of Technology...

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